Audioboom plays for Samsung Galaxy users with new distribution deal

Audioboom has struck a deal with Samsung in which the podcast company’s top 100 podcasts appear in the Samsung Free app. Samsung Free comes pre-installed on newer Samsung Galaxy devices, and features all kinds of curated media content at no cost.

Audioboom says they are joining “an extensive selection of the world’s best audio content.” An exact number of Galaxy users is not cited, but the announcement characterizes the reach as “millions of users globally.”

Podcasts included in the top 100 include  CasefileMorbid: A True Crime Podcast and No Such Thing As A Fish as well as original content podcasts MafiaBlank Check, What Makes A Killer and Truth Vs Hollywood.

“Through this partnership with Samsung Podcasts, our creators will have the opportunity to grow audience and increase the value of their work,” said Stuart Last, CEO at Audioboom. “Samsung Free will be an excellent outlet to increase discovery for our top shows.”


Brad Hill