SXM Media starts AQ Academy to certify buyers in audio intelligence

SXM Media, the supply-side audio ad sales network of Sirius XM, which bundles inventory in satellite radio and its digital audio subsidiaries Pandora and Stitcher, is launching AQ Academy. Think of “AQ” as audio intelligence (IQ + audio = AQ). GroupM is the launch partner; that agency has been the pilot tester during the pre-launch period.

“Brands are increasing their investments in audio because it’s a nimble medium with a lower barrier to entry than pricey TV/OOH spots,” Sirius states, noting that audio ad spend rose 10.4% last year, and that podcast spending is expected to reach a billion dollars this year.

The program features an on-demand, multimedia learning experience with interactive lessons that build audio intelligence. As of today, the certification training is available to all SXM Media Ad Partners.”


Brad Hill

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