Audioboom’s new AdRip tool monetizes back catalog by pulling out baked-in ads

In an interesting piece of technology development, Audioboom introduced AdRip, a tool which removes host-read commercials from back-catalog episodes, creating a new ad break into which timely marketing can be inserted.

This invention seeks to solve a problem resulting from the effectiveness of live-read sponsorship messages, and the popularity of past episodes. Audioboom states that back-catalog content which has exited what the company calls “the first sales window” makes up 50% of the platform’s 91-million monthly downloads. That is an extraordinary reservoir of ad inventory which remains untapped if the baked-in ads remain in place. Audioboom claims that AdRip “creates new inventory that can be remonetized through Audioboom’s sales channels every time an episode is listened to in the future.”

“AdRip will significantly increase the value that creators are able to realize from their work,” said Stuart Last, CEO Audioboom. “They can benefit from the proven performance of live read advertising, while ensuring they continue to generate revenue from their work in the future through the automated updating of that advertising.”

The new feature is available for creators  in Audioboom’s premium network.


Brad Hill