iHeartRadio latest to use ART19’s podcasting API

art19-canvasPodcast specialist ART19 has entered a partnership that will bring its API (application program interface) to iHeartMedia. ART19’s API will allow its podcast publishers whose shows appear on iHeartRadio to access more advanced data about how people are listening. Available analytics include listener demographics and when users start, stop, or skip in an episode. This data drives better monetization based on confirmed ad impressions while improving ad targeting.

“60 million people are listening to podcasts in America now. It’s a huge market and a wildly effective advertising medium,” ART19 CEO Sean Carr said. “By offering better data to the podcasting industry, monetization will catch up with audience scale, and that will be good for everyone. A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Custom APIs are a central part of ART19’s feature set. The podcast host and distributor launched in August 2016, touting the API approach for audience measurement as well as ad targeting and dynamic ad insertion. Using any API for podcast distribution offers more options for obtaining that listener data than distribution by RSS (real simple syndication). iHeartMedia’s choice to take the API route is a positive sign for its efforts in podcast programming.

Anna Washenko

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