29% of avid U.S. radio users listen to podcasts weekly (Techsurvey), nearly matching overall U.S. number (Infinite Dial)

A number caught our eye in yesterday’s release by Jacobs Media of Techsurvey 2021 (see yesterday’s coverage HERE). It is this: Twenty-nine percent of survey respondents listen to podcasts weekly or daily.

By our reckoning, every-week listening indicates solid engagement with podcasting, whose most frequent and traditional publishing pace is weekly. Daily listening is obviously very engaged, or happily addicted, one might say.

Remembering that Techsurvey measures the media engagement habits of P1 radio listeners who were sent the survey by the stations at which they were registered, we were interested to compare this podcast engagement number with the overall measurement of U.S. teens and adults. Naturally, we turned to The Infinite Dial, produced by Edison Research and Triton Digital.

In the 2021 Infinite Dial, weekly podcast listening was measured at 28%. So, perhaps not remarkable except that the Infinite Dial respondent group is not particularly associated with AM/FM radio listening.

Also notable is the extent to which Techsurvey measures time taken away from radio by podcasting: 30% of weekly podcast listeners have spent “a little less” or “a lot less” time with AM/FM.



Brad Hill