XAPPmedia and jacapps form JAX mobile ad service

xapp media and jacapps 250wAd-tech company XAPPmedia and mobile app developer jacapps have partnered to create JAX, a premium advertising service for the mobile audience. The alliance integrates XAPP Interactive Audio Ad Service into the jacapps mobile platform. jacapps is an app-development firm operated by Jacobs Media, creating branded mobile apps for radio stations and other companies.

The JAX program gives advertisers a new way to reach mobile listeners with voice-activated ads called XAPP Ads. The XAPP Ads product was launched last year, addressing what XAPP Media calls “Ultramobile” users — phone and car listeners whose eyes and hands are away from the screen. XAPP Ads are voice-activated direct response audio commercials; listeners are encouraged to take action by speaking a voice command, like “Download now” or “Send email.”

RAIN News spoke to Lisa Namerow, SVP of Business Development and Publisher Relations at XAPPmedia. She said that the new JAX program is “a one-stop shop, making XAPP Ads available across the mobile apps which serve 300-plus radio stations on the jacapps platform today.”

“It’s going to be a really easy way for these mobile apps to monetize in a way they haven’t been able to before,” Namerow told us. “Integrating XAPP Ads is going to drive engagement and conversion, therefore drives up mobile revenue. Everyone is focused on mobile monetization.”

Namerow noted that XAPP Ads are producing clickthrough rates (we should say voice-through rates) that are five to ten times typical banner clickthroughs.

“Mobile monetization is a challenge,” Namerow said. “Bringing XAPP Ads into the jacapps platform allows those app owners to take their mobile revenue to the next level.”


Brad Hill