Vevo recommendations now use Spotify, YouTube data

Vevo canvasVevo is improving the recommendations it gives on its mobile app, but it’s looking to other music companies for ideas. The Vevo mobile app can now integrate with Spotify, Twitter, and YouTube accounts, and that data goes into better suggestions for the listener. The results appear in the Spotlight section of the Vevo app, which used to base all its recommendations off manual data input from the user. The integrations are live for the Andrid app and are due to roll out soon on iOS.

Vevo is still working hard to emerge from the shadow of the better-known music brands. It was tied to YouTube for so long that developing as its own brand has been an uphill battle, especially as YouTube makes its own transition into a formal music service. And with Spotify now adding some video content, Vevo’s fight to differentiate itself may still be an uphill one.

Anna Washenko