Apple CarPlay adds new automaker partnerships

In the claim and counter-claim of the connected car frontier, the land grab has escalated from digital services planting flags on digital dashboards to broad technology platforms largely defining the operating systems of driving. In other words, Apple and Google are belting it out for dominance, just as they are with smartphones and tablets. The car is becoming a consumer electronics device.

In its the latest parry, Apple has announced nine new automakers to sign on with Apple’s dashboard OS, called CarPlay. Google is making its own news with Android Auto. Continue Reading

Audi announces HD and Internet audio in 2015 cars

Audi, which recently replaced BMW as the top-selling premium car company, has included HD Radio as standard equipment in the 2015 Audio A3, which is appearing in dealer lots now. At the same time, an announcement comes from Audi that it is adopting CarPlay, Apple’s digital-dashboard operating system. Specific car models are not identified, but at least some 2015 models will have CarPlay. Continue Reading

Apple announces iPhone-connected cars will roll out this year

Apple and a trio of car companies used the Geneva International Motor Show to announce the roll-out of CarPlay, formerly called iOS in the Car. CarPlay will hit the road later this year in selected Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo models. Not all music apps will work — Pandora is excluded. Continue Reading

Google announces Open Automotive Alliance — get ready for Android cars

Google, along with four car companies and a chip maker, has announced a consortium called the Open Automotive Alliance. The concept of Android cars is obviously desirable from Google’s viewpoint. For automakers, partnering with an established tech company solves a couple of serious problems plaguing the car industry. Continue Reading