Local Radio Freedom Act makes third pitch to Congress

A new version of the Local Radio Freedom Act has arrived before Congress, the third effort to pass legislation about radio industry royalties. The bill calls for protections that will block “any new performance fee, tax, royalty, or other charge” from being levied against radio stations because they “provide free publicity and promotion to the recording industry and performers.” Continue Reading


House majority supports status quo on radio royalties

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) announced that five new House representatives have signed onto the Local Radio Freedom Act (LRFA), making a majority of support. LRFA is a non-binding resolution against any new performance royalty imposed on U.S. radio stations. At issue is broadcast radio’s historic exemption from paying artists and labels for playing music recordings over the air.  Continue Reading

Recording Academy launches grassroots support for Fair Pay Fair Play Act

The U.S. Recording Academy is planning a grassroots initiative to help promote the Fair Pay Fair Play Act. The campaign will see more than 1,600 of the Academy’s members visiting their local representatives and policy-makers on Oct. 14 to voice their support for the legislation. Continue Reading


Fair Play Fair Pay Act proposes new performance royalty rules for radio

The congressional copyright melee has taken a new turn today as a bipartisan group of Representatives introduced new legislation aimed at revising and equalizing the royalties paid by terrestrial and online radio services. The Fair Play Fair Pay Act of 2015 includes, among other points, a move to have terrestrial radio stations pay royalties to performers in addition to the songwriters and publishers. Continue Reading


Internet Radio Rewind #032: New congressional bill; new podcast network; more

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THIS WEEK: Local Radio Freedom Act hits Congress; a new podcast network; Led Zeppelin loosens the leash; streaming audio growth projection; something new for Radioplayer; Russell Brand podcast; Starbucks leaves behind CDs. Continue Reading

Local Radio Freedom Act arrives in Congress

One of the most intractable issues in music licensing is broadcast radio’s exemption from performance royalties to artists and labels for the use of recorded music. The exemption has the weight of history: It has always been so in the U.S., though not in most other countries with government-regulated music licensing. The situation’s rarity is not of concern to advocates of radio’s licensing privilege, who assert that radio’s traditional role in driving awareness, success, and sales of music performers is as vital today as ever. Continue Reading