Spotify Ad Studio public beta expands to UK and Canada

Spotify is expanding the beta test of its self-serve advertising platform. After an initial launch in the United States in September, the streaming music company is opening the beta trial of Spotify Ad Studio to Canada and the UK. Some partners in those markets have already been trying the system in a closed beta, but now any interested parties in the UK and Canada can sign on for the public beta.

Spotify Ad Studio offers targeting by traditional demographics such as age and location as well as by musical mood or genre. That allows brands to craft different messages for a listener tuned into mellow rock or intense R&B.

Participants in the U.S. beta have reported seeing results from their early forays. The Greater Cleveland Aquarium is one such U.S. launch partner. “When we ran our Spotify Ad Studio campaign, we saw ticket sales double in one week,” said Morgan Wright, marketer at Greater Cleveland Aquarium. “We could tie that increase directly to the Spotify ad.”

Anna Washenko