Quick Hits: Pandora on voice ads, dissecting “Despacito,” and playlists for puppies

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Pandora exec on voice ads: John Trimble, Pandora’s chief revenue officer, penned a column for Recode about the potential for advertising delivered by voice assistants and smart speakers. “In a connected world, audio has the power to cut through the clutter — often with a more emotionally resonant and intimate message than other forms of advertising. That’s why the opportunity for brands is so ripe in this voice-first, audio-led era.”

Why Latin music is having a moment: As the 2017 year-in-review reports trickle in, you can’t swing a stick without hearing about “Despacito.” The smash single marked a visible milestone for Latin music in the mainstream. Billboard breaks down the current wave of interest and why it likely won’t abate any time soon.

Playlists for (adoptable) puppies: Finally, a fun and furry story to round out your Friday. Spotify partnered with a German animal shelter to create custom playlists for the dogs that are up for adoption. The result is called Adoptify, and the pair hopes that this could help the pups find their musical soulmate and increase their chance to find a new home. Ad agency Serviceplan dreamt up the program, and created a few very adorable videos to further adoption awareness. Enjoy.

Anna Washenko