BBC Sounds mobile app launches

The BBC has launched its new mobile app, an effort to unite its programming in a package that will be more appealing to younger listeners. BBC Sounds, which was previewed by the broadcaster this summer, contains 80,000 hours of live and on-demand content. The programming includes 20 new podcasts, 40 new and exclusive music mixes curated by BBC talent, and more than 100 hours of classic BBC comedy and drama that is only available on the app. Each listener will be able to cultivate a personalized experience as the app learns from their habits and preferences. The app is available to UK listeners on iOS, Android, and Amazon.

In a conversation with Jason Phipps, the BBC’s Commissioning Editor for Podcasts, he said the BBC Sounds app is a high priority product and strategic marker. “There are great ambitions for it; the app is structured for ambitious plans. We want it to be a complete discovery mechanism for podcasting, plus live radio and curated music mixes.” (Jason Phipps will discuss more about the BBC’s podcasting mission in the Keynote Interview at RAIN Summit Europe, Nov. 7 at the British Museum in London.)

“Radio is a unique and precious part of our lives and we’re innovating to secure its future for generations to come,” said BBC Director-General Tony Hall. “BBC Sounds is a standalone and standout destination, bringing the best of everything we do in audio into one place. It allows us all to experiment – to explore new music, stories and ideas – to play with form and content. And it’s going to support a whole new generation of talent.”

“BBC Sounds will bring you all our audio at the touch of a button,” James Purnell, director of radio and education, said. “We’ll do the hard work of finding the right mix, podcast or radio programme for you. It’s the start of an adventure – we’ll learn from our audiences to keep improving what Sounds offers, so we can bring the best to everyone.”

“BBC Radio has always been brilliant at reinventing itself and BBC Sounds is the next chapter in that great tradition,” added Bob Shennan, director of radio and music. “We make the best radio, podcasts, and offer the best music curation in the world – and through BBC Sounds we can ensure more people than ever can enjoy that when and how they want.”

Anna Washenko