Headliner tapped by Deutsche Welle to turn audio into social video

Headliner has entered a partnership with Deutsche Welle for an enterprise rollout of its audio-to-video creation software. Under this deal, Headliner’s software will be used to create social media videos from Deutsche Welle’s audio content.

“Headliner has allowed us to scale up social audio production,” said Manoj Thomas, project lead at Deutsche Welle. “With its browser based intuitive workflow, Headliner has become our preferred software for getting our podcasts and audio reports on social platforms effectively. The Headliner team was also very receptive to improvements and adjustments that allowed us to streamline video production in our standard format.”

“Even though we have thousands of media companies across the globe using us, DW showed how advanced they were by reaching out and partnering to customize Headliner to meet their needs specifically,” added Headliner CEO and Co-Founder Neil Mody. “We are happy to help such a reputable publisher streamline video creation which continues to be a pain-point for all media organizations globally.”

Anna Washenko