Webcast listening in June; +10% year-over-year (Webcast Metrics)

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Positioning of the leaders remained the same in June stream listening, according to the just-released report from Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics Ranker, a comparison of stream listening volume among Triton’s top 20 clients. The group as a whole lost 4% in overall listening compared to May. As always, RAIN usesĀ Average Active Sessions (AAS) domestically (U.S. only), in the 6:00am to midnight — a lens we have used to track this report since 2009.

Worth noting: While Spotify leads in volume of Average Active Sessions, the Time Spent Listening metrics shows a different leaderboard

  • AccuRadio: 2.54 hours
  • EMF: 1.14 hours
  • Hubbard: 1.10 hours

Only four pureplay streamers are in Triton’s Top 20: Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio (which furnishes online-only playlists, podcasts, and broadcast streams), and AccuRadio.

Following are the trendline leaders for June:


Year-over-year, overall webcast listening gained 10%. The leader in that department was Bonneville at 36% (excluding Beasley and Entercom, whose YoY gains were boosted by acquisitions). Pandora dropped 2% year-over-year, and Spotify gained 27%.

Brad Hill