Webcast listening gains in November; Spotify crosses milestone (Triton Webcast Metrics)

triton digital canvasIn the November report of Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics Top 20 Ranker, overall stream listening moved upward 3% for the whole group compared to October. Percentage gains for the month were led by Pandora and AccuRadio.

The leaders of the Top 20 all gained stream traffic in November: Pandora (+4%), Spotify (+2%), and iHeartRadio (+2). AccuRadio moved upward 11%, ad was the leading gainer in November, among Triton measurement clients.

As always, RAIN looked at the November report through the AAS (Average Active Sessions) lens, Monday – Sunday, 6:00am to midnight.

Spotify crossed two-million average active sessions for the first time in its three-year march up the Triton report, as it continues its chase of Pandora for the #1 position. Pandora had a better November than Spotify, and stayed out of reach. But as you can see below, the two trendlines are close to violating theĀ Ghostbusters dictate (“Don’t cross the streams!”):

In the November report, Spotify has 96% of Pandora’s average active sessions, down from 98% last month.

Brad Hill