Rumor Fact(ory): Spotify may be working on a voice-controlled speaker for cars

Spotify recently made waves in the financial sector with its unique direct listing, but the company’s next move is expected to be firmly back in the tech space. Spotify is hosting an event on April 24 to share its latest development. According to the early reports and speculation, that development may be a piece of dedicated hardware for streaming Spotify via voice control in a car.

The Verge gathered reports from Spotify users who had received notifications pointing wheels turning in the voice control space in recent months. Several people reported getting offers for a possible subscription tier that would include a new device. The photos submitted to The Verge show a puck-shaped gadget with optional button controls latched onto a car dashboard.

Spotify declined to comment on The Verge’s report, and gave a stock response about always testing new features when the topic has been broached in support forums. The company recently advertised for jobs in the voice control space, so it would make sense that the topic is front and center in Spotify’s upcoming announcements. We’ll know more for certain in a few weeks.

Anna Washenko