AdLarge’s cabana inks ad deal with the Nerdy Show Network

AdLarge’s digital division cabana has signed the Nerdy Show Network for an exclusive podcast ad sales deal. The arrangement marks the Nerdy Show Network’s first foray into advertising for its programming, which centers on nerd culture and entertainment.

“Homespun outlets like ours can be at a serious disadvantage when it comes to entering the advertising marketplace,” said Cap Blackard, executive producer of the Nerdy Show Network. “What’s more, our devoted fanbase places trust in us — so if we’re going to advertise, it needs to be meaningful. That’s why partnering with AdLarge’s cabana is so exciting. Not only do they offer us incredible insights, but they value connecting the right advertisers with the right audience.”

“The hosts of the Nerdy Show Network’s podcasts have garnered a dedicated audience because they genuinely are part of the nerd culture,” said Ilwira Marciszek, vice president of digital sales strategy for AdLarge and cabana. “Loyal listeners relate to the hosts’ authentic ‘nerdiness’ and connect with the ‘geeky’ topics, all while being thoroughly entertained. We’re delighted to partner with the Nerdy Show Network and excited about bringing this newly available opportunity to our advertisers.”

The Nerdy Show is the flagship podcast for the network, which also features programs such as Wicked Anime, Lightning Dogs, and Flame On! The shows cover geek news, talk content, comedy, and audio dramas.

Anna Washenko