Quick Hits: Midem, vinyl sales, Spotify millennials, and a Kanye lawsuit

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Pandora CEO at Midem: Pandora’s new CEO is already off and running with his new responsibilities. Tim Westergren is scheduled to deliver a keynote at Midem 2016. The global music industry event is an annual reflection of trends, and streaming is likely to feature prominently in the discussions.

Some context on the vinyl resurgence: Annual reports on the music industry have recently been seeing spikes in revenue generated by vinyl sales. However, a new study┬árevealed that the increase in purchases isn’t necessarily tied to an increase in listening. Data from ICM found that 41% of vinyl buyers don’t use their turntables, while a further 7% of them said they don’t own a turntable at all.

Spotify’s millennial listeners: Infographic time! Spotify shared data with AdWeek about its millennial audience. The publication then turned that data into a visual representation of that age group’s┬ápreferences for mobile devices, the boggling number of minutes streamed each week, and how their musical day breaks down.

Kanye and Tidal sued over “exclusivity”: It’s not a complete day without some news item about Kanye. Apparently both the rapper and Tidal have been sued by an irate fan who claims they falsely advertised The Life of Pablo as an exclusive to that streaming service to secure subscriptions.

Anna Washenko