Quick Hits: Deezer CEO on the future, ESPN’s audio strategy, and a Wolverine podcast trailer

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

Deezer continues to walk a unique path in the streaming music space. CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht recently gave a keynote sharing his take on the industry, which includes big future growth for streaming, lean-back listening, and a more local approach to programming.

ESPN Audio SVP Traug Keller wrote a feature about the sports network’s approach to podcasting. He shared the “three tentpoles” that the team has used to build its original audio programming: sports passions, storytelling, and signature voices. “We pared our lineup – once numbering in triple digits – to about 35, focusing on the most popular offerings (NFL, MLB and NBA) and other niche topics where we can “own” the category,” he wrote. “It’s a ‘less is more’ strategy, where we can better produce and promote a smaller lineup.”

Marvel and Stitcher announced their plan to create a scripted podcast for the Wolverine universe back in December. Now, the high-production show has a trailer, which you can hear on the show’s website. Wolverine: The Long Night is a 10-episode series that premieres March 12 on Stitcher Premium.

Anna Washenko