Quick Hits: About podcast ads; Patreon’s $30M; Music Memos from Apple

Brief news items and worthy reads from around the web:

When and why podcasts ads work: As podcasting’s star continues to rise, more and more business thinkers have been examining how to make the format a financial success. Advertising Age has an insightful read about why some podcasts’ ads have been able to hook listeners as much as the show’s content.

Patreon’s serious Series B round: Patronage crowdfunding site Patreon has been a great resource for artists and creatives from all fields as a new source of income. We’ve seen how much Patreon can impact the music/audio/podcast space, and all that positive buzz has translated into success for¬†company itself. Patreon announced a $30 million Series B funding round. Founder Jack Conte explained that the money would go toward product development and hiring.

Apple launches Music Memos recording app: Apple has added a new app to its suite of in-house audio software. The company announced the launch of Music Memos, which seems positioned in the space between the Voice Memos and Garage Band programs. It’s a simple recording app focused on music and musicians.¬†Music Ally takes a look at how the new tool could become a stepping stone toward increased use of the Apple Music Connect social tool.

Brad Hill