Omny Studio seeks to bridge broadcast and on-demand

omny studio 01 300wThere is hardly a bigger topic in streaming audio today than podcasting. Once a clearly defined term, podcasting now encompasses any kind of on-demand Internet program. As such, there is an opportunity for radio stations to jump into on-demand streaming in parallel with whatever live webcasting they are doing.

A new production application called Omny Studio, from Australian company 121cast, offers radio stations a tool to quickly turn live broadcast content into archived on-demand audio for streaming. The company tags its product, “the missing link between on-air and online.”

A cloud-connected production application, Omny Studio captures live on-air content, provides editing tools, and publishes it to multiple on-demand platforms (think SoundCloud, iTunes, YouTube, and others). All this can happen swiftly (notwithstanding any finicky and time-consuming editing), giving stations a streamlined path to archiving content nearly in real-time, which can then be marketed for on-demand listening.

The product anticipates one obvious editing chore — removal of music (which would invoke daunting licensing issues for on-demand use), and removal of commercials. The application can automatically stop recording during music and ads. Real-time analytics are provided for published clips and programs.

A complementary mobile app allows recording of on-location broadcasting, and uploading.

The company also addresses the consumer-facing side of the on-demand product chain with Omny Personal Radio, a mobile app for on-demand listening. Omny Personal Radio will be demonstrated at RAIN Summit West, this Sunday (April 12), in Las Vegas.



Brad Hill