Magnifi, revamp of Deli Radio, adds to concert/streaming integration trend

Magnifi logo canvasStreaming music has been making slow inroads into integrating with the live music industry. The latest development is Magnifi, a revamped and rebranded version of Deli Radio.

The original version of Deli Radio was designed to target a listener’s precise location and deliver music selections based on shows happening nearby. As Magnifi, the platform still links up streaming functions with tickets to see performances, but adds increased social tie-ins. The service still has a direct licensing deal that gives app users free streaming in exchange for Magnifi’s concert promotion features.

This year has seen several updates from the intersection between live music and streaming. Pandora, Spotify, Saavn, and KKBox have all been involved in business activities to unite these two facets of the music fan’s experience. A study by MusicWatch and EventBrite pointed to a potential symbiotic relationship between streaming and live shows, which further reinforces interest in this trend.

Anna Washenko