Instreamatic launches supply-side audio ad platform

instreamatic official 300wPowered by a belief that digital audio advertising is the most powerful and effective marketing medium, San Francisco-based ad-tech company Instreamatic today launched a platform for digital audio publishers to expose their inventory to national media buyers.

The company was founded in 2015, and grew out of a European streaming service.

Instreamatic told RAIN News that its platform is free to use for publishers. “Working closely with radio groups and on-demand music services, we experienced first hand the technical problems and challenges in monetizing audio content effectively,” said Stas Tushinskiy, CEO. “We started with an ad server and then quickly realized that audio space is ready for programmatic.”

As with most programmatic environments, Instreamatic’s service allows buyers to target campaigns by demographics, geography, interest, daytime, and device.

the company is promoting the flexibility and tech-friendliness of its platform, saying it can easily connect with DSPs (demand-side platforms, the other half of the advertising transaction environment), agency trading desks (which to some extent displace, or supplement, DSPs) and ad exchanges.

Ad injection is included, along with efficiencies and accuracies most buyers associate with programmatic, such as inventory forecasting, reporting, and yield optimization.


Brad Hill