Infinite Dial 2014 preview: Nearly a third of 12+ Americans use Pandora each month

edison and tritonEdison Research and Triton Digital have scheduled the release of Infinite Dial 2014, for Wednesday, March 5. The Infinite Dial study is in its 22nd year, and its results will be introduced in a free webinar, presented by Tom Webster of Edison and Mike Agovino of Triton.

In a preliminary peek, Edison reports a few Internet listening statistics. Most notably, 31% of Americans twelve or older use Pandora monthly, at least. That measurement was at 27% in last year’s study. iHeartRadio is the second most-used online audio platform, at nine percent of respondents declaring monthly listening.

The usage relationship of those two services was reflect recently in an NPD survey which likewise found that iHeart usage was about one-third of online audio listening.

Edison promises a wealth of information in this year’s Infinite Dial, including:

  • An update on Internet Audio usage, including new data on iTunes Radio, Beats Music, and other services;
  • Recent growth in Podcasting;
  • The growth in smartphone ownership, and how it has changed consumer behavior;
  • Updates on social media usage for services including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and more;
  • The connected car, and in-car usage of digital media.

Register for the webinar here.

Brad Hill

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  1. So if I read this correctly… if I stopped 100 people (12+) on the street anywhere in America, 31 of them should be telling me that they listened to Pandora at least once in the past month. Just to be certain, I think I’ll ask 200.

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