RAIN Hotspots: February 17-21

The five most-read articles in RAIN News. Thanks for reading!

  1. The most-read piece this week, by far, was our coverage of the Generator Research financial study of streaming-music business models. The U.K. firm was blunt and categorical in declaring a flawed model that can never attain profitability without new kinds of revenue generation. Provocatively, the study laid responsibility on high royalty payments to music rights-holders.Pandora cube
  2. iTunes Radio as the Pandora-slayer? That meme is losing steam. A new NPD survey revealed a large majority of respondents listen to Pandora, while a small minority tuned into iTunes Radio.
  3. Lew Dickey, CEO of Cumulus Media, talked at length about online partner Rdio, and streaming audio generally. Dickey spoke of “the widening digital audio space.”
  4. Edison Research presented a new study called #MeetTheMillennials, at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville. Key usage points were mixed with interview quotes and video footage.
  5. Music-ID app Shazam leveraged its immense base and information database into a partnership with Warner Music to create a Shazam-branded record label. Warner says its A&R execs shouldn’t be afraid, but hello, Big Data.

Brad Hill