Ezra Kucharz leaves CBS

Ezra Kucharz, previously the President of Local Digital Media at CBS, and more recently Special Advisor to CBS, announced today that he is leaving CBS Corporation entirely at the end of business today. He disclosed his departure in a LinkedIn post: “After 7+ years today is my last day CBS Corporation. I am very thankful for everything we accomplished, great team, friends and mentors.”

Kucharz’ transition comes almost exactly a year after he shifted roles from his operational leadership of digital media to an advisory position (April 25 of last year). A month before that, CBS Corporation announced its intention to divest CBS Radio, either as an acquisition or IPO. Initial IPO filing documents appeared in November. But the fate of CBS Radio was clarified differently in February of this year, when Entercom acquired CBS Radio in a merger.

In response to a RAIN News query, Ezra Kucharz sent this note: “Thank you to CBS, Leslie Moonves, Joe Ianniello and Tony Ambrosio for 7+ great years.  I am very proud of what we accomplished and excited about my next chapter.”

Brad Hill