Como Audio turns to crowdfunding for new digital music speakers

Como Audio Duetto walnut print2Como Audio has launched a Kickstarter campaign for two home audio players. Solo and Duetto are the new creations from the company, which is led by founder Tom DeVesto, whose past resume includes Cambridge Soundworks and Tivoli Audio.

The two sets are standalone devices that offer hi-fi music streaming without the use of a smartphone. They can pull audio from Spotify, FM radio, or Internet radio (although it doesn’t specify a particular provider). Listeners can also opt to connect a USB, an MP3 player, or a Bluetooth device to the speakers and pull music from those sources.

The Solo and Duetto join an increasingly crowded space for WiFi speakers and home audio that supports streaming and online music. Kickstarter has helped some smaller, scrappier companies to enter the space, but several big names in tech are also active in the space. Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot offer listening with voice control, and long-time segment leader Sonos has also announced a pivot to directly compete with the conglomerate. Google and Apple are also making moves into the space.

Anna Washenko