AudioBoom partners with WideOrbit for ad-injected monetization of podcasts

audioboom and wideorbit 300wMedia software company WideOrbit announced that audioBoom, the spoken-word, on-demand listening platform, has selected WO On Demand to monetize its podcasts. The technical solution injects pre-recorded advertisements into podcasts — a category which is dominated by host-read native advertising.

“This is important for new and emerging podcasters,” WideOrbit’s Senior Director of Product Management Jim Kott told RAIN News. “The monetization piece is typically something they don’t have in-house. They are all looking for revenue sources. This capability enables that.”

WO On Demand is part of WO Streaming, which functions as the ad server is this initiative. When an ad campaign is sold (adLarge is the exclusive representative of audioBoom inventory in the U.S.), the collateral is put into WideOrbit’s platform. when a listener is hearing a podcast, the player calls the ad from WideOrbit’s server, audioBoom Head of Ad Networks Lance Paterson explained.

this monetization feature is being offered across the board to producers and creators who host their programs on audioBoom, and Paterson told us the response has been wholly positive. The podcast owners may opt in or out of the system. AudioBoom serves 3.6-million registered listeners with content from 2,400 creators around the world.

The capacity to inject recorded ads into podcasts represents potential change in how podcasts are sold, performed, and monetized. Host-read performances of direct-response ads have dominated podcast sponsorship for years. Typically, the commercial performances come across as personal testimonials, trading on what is often described as an “intimate” trust relationship between host and audience. Brand advertising, and recorded ads, are scant in podcasting, with many observers saying that podcasting won’t truly mature until brand advertisers buy into the category.

“This does absolutly open it up to brand advertising,” Jim Kott said. “Large brands can come in and place ads on these great podcasts, and reach audiences they want to reach. It will help the industry as a whole.”

Brad Hill

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