Apple Music partners with Remezcla for edgy Latin music curation

Apple Music screencap canvasApple Music is positioning itself as a curation-focused service, where you’ll hear tunes recommended by trusted tastemakers. Apple has expanded its knowledge in Latin music thanks to a new deal with Remezcla. The Latin American culture outlet will curate Latin content for the tech company’s music streaming service.

Remezcla works with brands, festivals, and other events that want to reach young Latino audiences. The organization bills itself as part of the “new wave” of Latin American culture. CEO Andrew Herrera said Remezcla’s playlists would include many lesser-known artists and songs outside the traditional “Latin” genre designation.

“The fact that Apple went with someone like Remezcla instead of a mainstream property shows what we can offer in a genre that hasn’t been as innovative as it should be,” Herrera said.

Apple has been redesigning its musical offerings to highlight the Apple Music brand, including renaming the iTunes Music Festival. We’ve seen conflicting reports in the media about just how successful Apple Music has been so far in attracting listeners, but it’s possible that the company will share more definitive numbers in future quarters as the free trial period for early adopters ends.

Anna Washenko