AdLarge partners with boostr for digital audio order management and customer retention

AdLarge announces today that it has settled on boostr, the customer retention and order management platform for media companies. Boostr self-describes as “the only end-to-end revenue solution for ad sales organizations seeking to upgrade their systems and save money.”

From AdLarge’s viewpoint, the point of the boostr alliance is to benefit advertisers. The company told RAIN News that it can now respond to RFP’s faster, create scale faster, and provide enhanced reporting.

Boostr integrates directly with Megaphone, AdLarge’s podcast hosting and advertising platform. As we see it, the boostr alignment relates mostly to AdLarge’s cabana division, which represents podcasting and digital audio. Cabana reps Crime Junkie, So Money, and dozens of other podcasts.

“boostr’s end-to-end platform is an efficiency game-changer for our ad sales and sales ops teams,” said Ilwira Marciszek, Vice President of Digital Sales and Partnerships for AdLarge and its digital audio unit cabana. “It allows us to respond quickly to our clients, while maintaining the flexibility of service that our ad partners expect from us. boostr’s superior customer service and understanding of our unique business needs is exceptional. I’m delighted to bring these first-in-class benefits to our advertisers and their agencies.”

“boostr has quickly emerged as the preeminent CRM and OMS for media sales in North America,” stated Cathy Csukas, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of AdLarge and cabana. “The proliferation of podcasts and the renewed recognition of the power of audio to connect with listeners has brought more advertisers into the space, necessitating faster responses to advertisers’ needs and accurate, reliable intelligence that helps them identify trends and patterns. boostr’s advanced technology puts us at the forefront of podcast and digital streaming advertising.”

“We’re thrilled to become an integral part of AdLarge’s continued growth and welcome them to our growing list of top audio & podcasting companies,” said Brian Georgi, boostr’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Podcasting, in particular, is one of the fastest growing categories in media and we’re excited to bring platform solutions that can help companies like AdLarge scale even more quickly!”

Brad Hill

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