TED fall podcast lineup: returning and syndicated shows

TED has announced a fall lineup of returning podcasts and shows brought into the network from elsewhere.

One notable addition, inasmuch as it signals a defection from exclusivity, is the acquisition of Sincerely X which was formerly exclusive in Luminary. Now it is “free and available to the public, TED trumpets. The liberation applies to season 2, with the first season presumably still behind the Luminary firewall. Hosted by poet, performer and educator Sarah Kay, this show is “a window into stories that usually stay hidden, an honest look at experiences typically too painful or difficult to share.” Real-life stories include a small-town preacher in the Deep South who doesn’t believe in hell, a sociopath who reveals what society can learn from her condition, and a former cult member who teaches how to let go of the past.

Also announced: The return of Pindrop for a second season. It’s an unusually interesting and ambitious travel show which dived deep into ideas and cultures which shape particular spots on the map. New episodes will take listeners to Lima, Peru, where hip-hop artists are trying to save an endangered language (and restore the nation’s pride along the way); then over to Rapa Nui (aka Easter Island), one of the most remote places on earth, where the pandemic has inspired a complete reimagining of island life; and on a road trip to find a real-life Black utopia in North Carolina — and the possibilities it inspires for future generations.

Design Matters with Debbie Millman joins the TED network in October.

These shows are added to the existing TED lineup which includes TED HealthTwenty Thousand Hertz, TED Talks Daily, and TEd Radio Hour.

Brad Hill