Norway shines in new DAB/DAB+ report (Europe & Asia Pacific)

A new report from WorldDAB, covering Q2 metrics of digital radio consumer buy-in and population reach, shows vigorous advances across several countries, with Norway taking the lead with total abandonment of FM broadcast.

The report is represented in a multi-page PDF infographic.

93-million receivers have been purchased to date, in the regions covered by this report. the UK takes the lead in that metric, with 45-million.

As in the U.S., in-car listening is a major platform for radio in Europe. Unlike the U.S., digital radio is robustly installed in national auto fleets. The in-car reach in Norway is 100%. Norway ended all FM transmission of national radio companies in 2017; local towers were permitted to continue in FM. Accordingly, population reach of DAB+ in Norway is 99.7% according to the WorldDAB report. Norwegians like to have DAB receivers in their homes too; 73% of them do — that number leads the pack in Europe as of Q2.

While Norway is the only surveyed country that has eliminated national analog radio signals, Switzerland’s FM nationwide stations are hybrids, with simulcast DAB+. But Norway is the only country with a flat-out 100% daily reach.

The Asian countries in this report are represented by a quick summary graphic without the numerous breakouts for Europe. DOWNLOAD the infographic HERE.


Brad Hill