Acast/Podchaser uses AI to help advertisers target podcast campaigns

Podchaser, an Acast subsidiary, announces the launch of a new technology which can assist hosting providers, ad platforms, and other marketplaces to enhance ad targeting. The offering is called Collections+, and reportedly uses AI to sort podcasts into verticals useful to advertisers and marketers. 

Collections+ pulls data from a wide array of sources including Podchaser’s own first-party data, Apple Podcasts, Spotify category and chart data, IAB categories, surveys, and transcriptions. This is where AI comes in. Acast says the mound of pulled data is synthesized with “AI models” which sort the shows into verticals. These verticals are the actual “Collections+,” which Acast says are superior to manual processes.

There is a data rationale for this product. Acast notes that 44% of U.S. podcast advertising investment lands with the top 500 shows — but that’s only 12% of podcast monthly reach. 

“We’re turning what was once the art of podcast buying into a true science using everyone’s best friend, AI,” said Bradley Davis, CEO of Podchaser. “Advertisers are empowered to plan smarter campaigns and we’re enabling more podcasters to earn more revenue. Most importantly, this data technique is being made available to the whole industry to use, to improve podcasting for all.”

Acast notes that Collections+ is already being leveraged by “a large number of brands including several Fortune 500 companies.”

Brad Hill