Bridge Ratings’ 2017 trends: Streaming, podcasting, and smart speakers

Bridge Ratings has published its recap of 2017, drawing several broad trends in the music and audio industry. The company’s wrap-up said that the number of streams in 2017 increased 40% over the total for 2016. It also offered insights on programming for on-demand streaming, such as using data about a playlist’s specific audience to encourage more frequent listening and when to ease up on a song that could be over-exposed to today’s highly connected listeners. Continue Reading


What makes a good ”audio logo”? (New research)

Veritonic has released its 2017 Audio Logo Index, an assessment of how effective audio advertisements are and which brands in the U.S. and the UK created audio signatures that best connected with customers. The key traits highlighted in the study could be useful signposts for ad agencies looking to strengthen their in-house capabilities for audio as well as for publishers or hosts of audio content who want data to back their appeal as a source of ad money. Continue Reading


Survey: 61% of smart speaker owners plan to buy another one this holiday season

With the holiday shopping season now upon us, the top tech toys are in position to make a lot of sales. The smart speaker niche seems likely to be a strong performer at the end of 2017. Jacobs Media Strategies, jācapps, and Sonic Ai have collaborated on a survey into consumer sentiment toward voice-activated smart speakers going into December. Continue Reading


Survey: Smart speaker owners use them for music listening (and lots of it)

The Music Business Association (Music Biz) hosted a webinar to share data into smart speaker ownership. Of the more than 3,000 U.S. participants in its September music consumption survey by AudienceNet/LOOP, 10% said they owned an Amazon Echo and 3% owned a Google Home. The results shows a strong correlation between smart speaker ownership and use of the device for music consumption. Continue Reading


Edison Research and Knight Foundation survey podcasting’s super listeners

Edison Research and the Knight Foundation collaborated for a study investigating the podcast audience, with interviews of nearly 29,000 podcast listeners. All of the participants are age 18 or older and listen to at least one audio podcast from NPR, WNYC, American Public Media, WBUR, PRX, or Gimlet Media. A comparison of these results with the more general habits detailed in The Infinite Dial surveys show some marked distinctions between casual and serious podcast listeners. Continue Reading