Nielsen: 50% of U.S. households are podcast fans

Nielsen has released its Podcast Insights report for Q3 2017, which found that a full 50% of U.S. households now identify as podcast fans. The analysis focused on the crossover between those millions of podcast fan-households and three advertising categories to provide a snapshot of the value podcast listeners can offer to brands. Results draw on the Nielsen Homescan Panel. Continue Reading


Nielsen study: Millennials consume lots of audio

Nielsen is running a report series focused on Millennials, the frequently coveted demographic aged 18-34. The latest edition examines how this group uses digital communication and entertainment. Other Nielsen research has pointed to a different breakdown in how Millennials use media, with much less time spent watching TV or listening to radio than older generations, and this new data set reinforces that trend. Continue Reading


Nordic countries report heavy music streaming use, favoring YouTube and Spotify

Europe’s Nordic region continues to be a standard-setter for digital music adoption. The Polaris Nordic Digital Music Survey 2017 surveyed residents in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark about their listening habits. It found that 80% of all inhabitants between the ages of 12 and 65 used at least one streaming service in the past year. Continue Reading


Webcast listening in May showed strong year-over-year growth (Triton Digital)

Year-over-year listening to streams gained 13% in May, according to Triton Digital’s monthly Webcast Metrics report, released today. Webcast listening in May was mostly flat compared to the previous month, looking at Triton Digital’s top 20 streaming clients. Pureplay internet streaming grew at a dramatically higher rate than broadcast streaming, year-over-year. Continue Reading


Bridge Ratings finds streaming chips away at radio’s devoted listener base

Bridge Ratings has posted an update to its New Media Gauntlet study, which reflects listener trends across different media. The latest results showed that although radio’s weekly cume has been relatively stable over time, it has been declining in how many people dub it their favorite listening choice. Streaming, on the other hand, has been rising in “favoriteness,” which Bridge said is chipping away at the numbers for both radio and downloads. Continue Reading


Spotify shares report connecting listening and consumer habits

Spotify for Brands has two announcements for how to potentially market through music, data, and personalized habits. First, the company has shared a widget called Spotify.Me, a tool for quantifying listening preferences into data points that would be most useful to marketers. The second announcement is a related report called Understanding People Through Music. This analysis of 140 million people’s music habits draws some connections between the audio and likely spending habits. Continue Reading


BIA/Kelsey projects mobile besting radio for local ad revenue

Market forecaster BIA/Kelsey released its updated report on 2017 U.S. local ad revenues with mid-year data. So far, the forecast projects that revenue from mobile will edge out local radio from the top five media sources this year. Mobile is projected to see an 11% share with revenue of $16 billion, pushing the source into the top five in a tie with newspapers. Local radio dropped to sixth with $15.6 billion in revenue. Continue Reading


Webcast listening holds steady in April as Spotify continues upward trajectory (Triton Digital)

Webcast listening in April was mostly flat compared to the previous month, taking Triton Digital’s top 20 streamers as a whole — this according to Triton’s Webcast Metrics monthly Ranker, released this morning. While Pandora has plateaued, Spotify has experienced a consistent charge of upward listening growth that can fairly be called meteoric. Click through for details and historical trendlines. Continue Reading