Young listeners boost Australia podcast stats (Infinite Dial)

The recent Infinite Dial Australia report from Edison Research shared some data points about the position of podcasts in that nation. The audio format was known to 72% of respondents, while 29% of Australians have listened to a podcast. For the latest U.S.-based Infinite Dial study, familiarity with podcasting was 60% and 40% said they had ever listened to an episode.

As with the U.S. survey, people who are fans of podcasts tend to show a strong inclination for the format. In the Australia results, 17% of respondents said they had listened to a podcast in the past month. For the 25-54 age group, 20% said they are monthly listeners and 13% are weekly listeners. The rates were similar for the 12-24 age bracket, with 22% monthly listeners and 13% weekly listeners. Those who identified as weekly podcast listeners tuned in to an average of six shows a week.

It’s interesting to compare Australia’s consumer uptake of podcasting with the U.S. market. Edison Research provides the best apples-to-apples comparison, as producer of Infinite Dial research standards in both countries. (The U.S. study was released in March.)

Familiarity with “podcasting”

  • Australia: 72%
  • U.S.: 60%

Ever listened

  • Australia: 29%
  • U.S.: 40%

Monthly listening:

  • Australia: 17%
  • U.S.: 24%

Those three metrics imply an Australian market that is more familiar than the U.S. with “podcasting” as a term, but is less vigorous in its adoption.

Anna Washenko