Wondery dominates Podtrac list of top new podcasts in 2019

Podtrac released a special ranker of the top new podcasts released during 2019. The chart is based on the company’s measurements of average downloads per episode. Wondery had an impressive showing in the ranker, with eight podcasts in the top 20, mostly investigative projects with partners such as Bloomberg and the Los Angeles Times. iHeartRadio, which has been a steady top performer in Podtrac’s monthly publisher charts, had five shows on the list.

Here is the complete lineup of Podtracs top 20 new podcasts of 2019:

1. The Shrink Next Door, Wondery
2. The Ron Burgundy Podcast, iHeartRadio
3. Over My Dead Body, Wondery
4. Man in the Window, Wondery
5. The Thing About Pam, NBC News
6. Bad Batch, Wondery
7. White Lies, NPR
8. Dolly Parton’s America, WNYC Studios
9. The Mysterious Mr. Epstein, Wondery
10. Chelsea Handler: Life Will Be the Death of Me, iHeartRadio
11. Room 20, Wondery
12. 1619, The New York Times
13. Confronting: O.J. Simpson, Wondery
14. 2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer, YMH Studios
15. Throughline, NPR
16. Noble Blood, iHeartRadio
17. It Could Happen Here, iHeartRadio
18. Detective Trapp, Wondery
19. Insomniac, iHeartRadio
20. Dateline NBC, NBC News

Anna Washenko