Whooshkaa teams with HowStuffWorks for advertising in Australia Pacific

Australian digital audio company Whooshkaa has inked a deal to connect local advertisers with the HowStuffWorks podcast network. The network already boasts more than 50 million global downloads each month, including at least 2 million in Australia and New Zealand. Those markets supply 6 million ad impressions to brands. The advertising opportunities include a brand sponsorship for the Stuff You Should Know podcast and the show’s upcoming tour in the region.

“Our shows present deep-dive information in an entertaining format that has struck a chord with Australian audiences,” HowStuffWorks CEO Conal Byrne said. “All are shot through with our core values of the pursuit of knowledge and authenticity. The podcast medium presents an incredibly intimate form of advertising. We’re excited to partner with Whooshkaa as the Australian podcasting landscape shows every indication of following the US industry’s growth.”

“These shows are actively sought out and listened to by engaged audiences in Australia and New Zealand, driving 2 million downloads a month,” Whooshkaa CEO Rob Loewenthal said. “Those numbers are rising every day and Whooshkaa is proud to partner with this iconic, leading network in the ramp-up phase of a fast-growing industry.”

Anna Washenko