Varick Media and Triton Digital expand partnership to programmatic audio in Canada

Varick Media sent an announcement today that it has expanded its relationship with Triton Digital, using Triton’s a2x programmatic marketplace in Canada. Varick is a digital marketing company that connects agencies and brands with cross-channel audiences. Triton Digital’s a2x presents a marketplace of non-skippable audio inventory, and operates in several countries representing 150 audio publishers and over 98-million listeners.

The Triton platform supports audience targeting by age, gender, geography, mobile ad ID, device, and other segments. Varick brings centralized reporting and continual campaign optimization.

“Consumers are dynamic, which means media plans should be as well,” said Gabe Dunlop, Varick’s Country Manager of Canada. “Triton’s a2x allows us to fully leverage this opportunity by providing our advertisers with a single, intuitive marketplace whereby digital audio can be bought programmatically alongside mobile, video, social, native and display. We look forward to leveraging a2x in Canada to further the success of our advertisers, and to grow the programmatic advertising industry as a whole.”

“As reported by eMarketer, mobile ad spend is estimated to reach $3 Billion in Canada this year, which will open up enormous opportunity for mobile-first advertising channels such as digital audio,” said Benjamin Masse, Managing Director, Market Development and Strategy at Triton Digital. “We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Varick Media, and remain committed to adding premium, global audience to the marketplace to advance the growth of this burgeoning industry.”

Brad Hill

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