UMPG updates Royalty Window with new features for songwriter finances

Universal canvasUniversal Music Publishing Group has made updates to its Royalty Window portal, a B2B tool offering transparency into royalty collection. The new features include balance updates as royalties are processed during a period and requests for advances against incoming royalties without any additional fee. These new features will go live today in the U.S. and UK, with a global rollout in the future.

“Our interests are aligned with that of the songwriters, which is to maximise the value of copyright,” said Michael Sammis, EVP of operations and global CFO at UMPG. “We are not asleep at the switch. That’s why data accuracy is important so that we can ensure that we are maximising the value of our copyrights.”

Reporting and data have been hot topics in the royalty industry lately, particularly as more independent performance right societies emerge to compete with the more established major publishers. One such upstart is the EU’s Kobalt, which has been putting up solid digital results for its songwriters and launched a new collection society in June.

Anna Washenko

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