TuneIn launches marketing campaign, emphasizing its growth in listenership

TuneIn has launched a media campaign to build awareness of its listening platform, and emphasize its ubiquity. The clever campaign tagline is “Hear, Here.” That message is visualized in a split-screen promo video which puts content on one side, and many listening environments on the right side:

The first audio example is a Major League Baseball game, which might not be the most apt choice during a no-sports pandemic, but does pinpoint TuneIn’s distribution relationship with MLB.

In supporting messaging, TuneIn notes that its year-over-year listening audience has grown 27%. The service is available in a whopping 197 countries, and on over 200 platforms. TuneIn has been a first-moving distributor in the smart-speaker universe, linking up with Siti, Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby (Samsung), and Cortana (Microsoft).

“The message to consumers is simple and clear – you can listen on TuneIn and visualize ‘where, why and when’ to use TuneIn,” said Jamie Barrett, Executive Creative Director and co-founder of barrettSF. “We’ve designed the creative to meet the current moment, yet also evolve with the country as we find our way forward.”


Brad Hill