Triton Digital launches Yield-Op, a new supply-side platform optimized for audio

In an initiative to streamline the market for digital audio advertising, Triton Digital is introducing a new platform for audio publishers, called Yield-Op, which the company says is built from the ground up for audio. Optimization, cutomization, and reach are three values Triton is evangelizing with the new software.

At launch, Yield-Op is integrated with several of the industry’s largest demand-side platforms — specifically The Trade Desk, AppNexus, RTBiQ, AudioTrade and StrikeAd, and other unspecified DSPs. These integrations are important for both sides of the market, as the supply side (audio publishers such as streaming services and terrestrial radio streams) must seamlessly connect with the demand side (advertisers and agency buyers of audio commercials), and vice versa, to form an effective, mutually engaged market.

“Triton remains a valuable partner to our global digital audio strategy,” said Tim Sims, VP of Inventory Partnerships at The Trade Desk. “The integration with Yield-Op provides our buyers with access to even more premium, global inventory to increase their reach and further optimize their buys.”

Yield-Op is designed as a smart connector to demand-side platforms used by advertisers, allowing audio publishers tools for regulating how their inventory is priced, managing access to it, and even building direct deals with individual buyers such as brands and agencies.

“At Triton, we remain committed to removing all friction within the buying experience to unleash the true value of programmatic audio advertising.” That’s Benjamin Masses, Triton’s managing Director of Market Development and Strategy. “By providing increased access to digital audio inventory and further control over how and where it’s served, both publishers and buyers can feel confident in transacting in this channel and in the return it will produce.”

Launch partners mentioned in today’s announcement include CBS Radio, Prisa Radio, and Talpa Radio.


Brad Hill