Tencent to expand Joox streaming service’s footprint in southeast Asia

Tencent logo canvasTencent has plans to further broaden its streaming music reach, expanding the presence of its Joox platform in southeast Asia. Joox is currently available in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, and Tencent expects to launch it in at least two more countries in 2017. The conglomerate may also be looking to roll out the service in India.

“Music is very universal,” said Poshu Yeung, vice president of Tencent’s international business. “Your phone is an entertainment hub, and entertainment includes only three things: movies, games and music.”

Despite that oddly limited view, Tencent’s efforts in those three areas have been financially lucrative. In terms of music, it acquired China Music Corp. in July. It operates both Joox and QQ Music, both of which have large followings in the Asian markets. QQ Music even reportedly posted a profit this summer, a big milestone for any streaming music operation.

Anna Washenko