Musicians petition Copyright Office over DMCA

The music industry is taking a stand against the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, with more than 100 artists and managers petitioning the U.S. Copyright Office to change the current safe harbor laws. The industry has submitted three letters to the office – one from music managers, one from creators, and one from artists and songwriters – explaining their concerns with the existing interpretation of the regulation and calling for change. Continue Reading

U.S. Copyright Office to review safe harbor provisions

The U.S. Copyright Office announced that it is undertaking a public study of the country’s safe harbor provisions. Section 512 was introduced in 1998 as part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and its safe harbor laws provide some liability limitations on usage for Internet-based services. The rules focus on protecting services from liability due to copyright infringements occurring in user-generated content. Continue Reading

Webcasters take note: U.S. government wants your suggestions to fix music licensing

Music licensing is a mess — few people or companies would disagree. The copyright arm of the U.S. government is thinking about change. As part of the process, the U.S. Copyright Office is initiating a Music Licensing Study, and seeks comments. If the Copyright Act is headed for reform, this is the webcaster’s opportunity to be part of the process. Continue Reading