Editor’s Notebook: What the “FM rules the car” meme should mean to radio

The number of “FM Still Rules the Car” headlines this week signifies a thought trend. The headlines have been induced by two new studies — one by Ipsos, and yesterday’s the Infinie Dial 2015 release by Edison Research. How should broadcast radio be thinking of this? Continue Reading


Editor’s Notebook: eMusic’s long road and changing identity

by Brad Hill

Once a pioneer, subscription music-download site eMusic is striking out afresh with news of a change its music catalog to focus on indie labels and artists. The service will discontinue major-label recordings. In doing so, eMusic circles back to its roots as a champion of indie music, and of users who dig deeper than the hit charts. Continue Reading

Editor’s Notebook: Radio, disaster relief, and performance royalties

Inside Radio noted (paywall link here) that a group of Nebraska radio stations has donated $5,000 to the Red Cross for disaster relief after storms ripped through parts of the state. This sort of radio activism on behalf of local communities ties into traditional radio values of locality and community service. More particularly it resonates with recent arguments, in press releases and government hearings, against applying music-licensing performance royalties to broadcast radio. Continue Reading