Hi-Def Update: Pogue takes on Pono

The first rumblings of skepticism about Pono Music and its promised revolution in sound quality emerged last month, and since then the critics have become more visible and more vocal. Professional musician and journalist David Pogue is the latest to turn his ear to the question of how much different hi-def listening can really offer. In the interest of science, he conducted a blind experiment. Continue Reading

NextRadio wins a “Pogie” from David Pogue

Well-read tech reviewer David Pogue bestowed and end-of-year “Pogie” award on NextRadio, an FM chip-plus-app solution for selected Android phones. For Pogue, the point isn’t any rhapsodic affinity with radio. The appeal for him seems to be streaming audio that doesn’t eat into the phone’s data plan. We review the history of portable radio in the mobile digital era. Continue Reading