Survey: Smart speaker owners use them for music listening (and lots of it)

The Music Business Association (Music Biz) hosted a webinar to share data into smart speaker ownership. Of the more than 3,000 U.S. participants in its September music consumption survey by AudienceNet/LOOP, 10% said they owned an Amazon Echo and 3% owned a Google Home. The results shows a strong correlation between smart speaker ownership and use of the device for music consumption.

Mobile devices were still the most common source for listeners, with 60% of respondents using them daily for music. 52% used their Amazon Echo daily for music and 54% used their Google Home daily. Heavy music consumption was also more common among speaker owners. Among average listeners, 24% listened to more than 4 hours of music a day. For the smart speaker owners, 34% listened that much. Some Echo owners (15) said they listened to their speaker for as much time as they tuned into the smartphones.

Nearly half of the smart speaker owners (48%) also reported having a paid music streaming subscription. Amazon Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited was the most common one, unsurprising given the larger ownership of Amazon’s voice activated device.

Anna Washenko