VuHaus adds Vocalo Radio, its first Chicago station

Public media video app VuHaus has added another Chicago station to its roster of affiliates. Vocalo Radio 91.1 is an urban alternative station with programming in hip-hop, R&B, dance, and DJ culture. It is a sister station to Chicago public media station WBEZ 91.5, and is the inaugural Chicago source to join VuHaus.

“Vocalo brings a local audience from the third largest U.S. radio market, plus a diversity of music and culture that widens the music discovery on VuHaus,“ VuHaus Brand Manager Mike Henry said. “Chicago has a vibrant local music scene that produces national talent, including Jamila Woods, who is one of the first Slingshot artists in VuHaus’ collaboration with NPR Music.”

VuHaus stores music videos, interviews, and special performances from 20 public media stations. For more details, check out the RAIN News test drive of the platform from its debut in June 2015.

Anna Washenko