Streaming services ask EU regulators to rein in “gatekeeper” behavior by Apple, Amazon

Several tech companies have pitched the European Commission to request limits on behavior from Apple and Amazon that they claim are anti-competitive. Spotify CEO and Co-founder Daniel Ek and Deezer CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht both signed the letter to EU regulators asking for “a level playing field” that prevents some tech giants from “regularly abusing their advantaged position.”

Both Apple and Amazon act as marketplaces in addition to making their own software. For instance, Spotify and Deezer voiced concerns about Apple taking a 30% cut from subscription fees purchased for their services through the App Store. European game developers and publishers also signed the recent letter, which called for any new rules to “go beyond mere transparency requirements, which alone will not ensure platforms act as gateways rather than become gatekeepers to the digital economy.”

In the past, European leaders have been receptive to placing tighter restrictions on tech companies in this regard. Google was hit with a fine of €2.4 billion in June over claims that it unfairly promoting its own services over rivals.

Anna Washenko

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