Streaming and digital grew in the Netherlands last year

Netherlands NVPI canvasNVPI, the Netherlands’ industry organization, announced the figures for the Dutch music sector’s performance in 2015. The music industry grew 12.5% to €136.9 million last year. All digital revenue totaled €72.2 million, and an impressive €61.3 million of that was generated by streaming. Digital revenue also secured a larger part of the Netherlands’ total music economy at 52.7%. Streaming alone held a 44.8% share of the 2015 industry revenue, falling just shy of the 47.3% share held by physical format sales.

These positive results are even stronger than the initial wave of information NVPI released about 2015. The Dutch data also offers further support for the recent global report from the IFPI, which emphasized streaming as the key revenue driver on a worldwide scale.

Anna Washenko