Stardome acquires StreamLicensing

StreamLicensing.com canvasStardome Digital Media, a division of the Hispanic and Latin American market specialist Stardome Media Group, announced that it has acquired StreamLicensing. As the new owners, Stardome said it plans to provide innovative solutions for improving the services offered by StreamLicensing.com. In addition to the main purchase announcement, Stardome said it will be debuting a portfolio of service technologies and a new approach for customers to access those tools in the coming days.

“A dedicated team from across the organization will ensure that the transition period is seamless, while seeking new ways to improve overall service levels and provide new top-notch service bundle offers to streaming radio stations to be compliant with music royalties publishing rules and copyright laws,” Stardome CEO Anthony Michael Hernandez said. “It is our mission to ensure that artists, writers, and composers are rightly compensated for the use of their artistic work while creating a sustainable environment for pure play digital stations to have a viable business model.”

Leaders from StreamLicensing.com weighed in with concerns when the Copyright Royalty Board set its new webcasting rates for 2016-2020. “The Internet has been one of the last level-playing fields left for small, mom and pop or ‘hobbyist’-type webcasters,” said StreamLicensing owner and manager Marvin Glass of the decision. “That level playing field no longer exists for these very small webcasters and I’ve watched them close their stations by the hundreds over the last two weeks.”

Anna Washenko


  1. I do not wish to support Spanish artists, pay their studio time. Beside; I don’t buy spanish music. And I need these people to be honest with me.

  2. Hopefully everything will work out just fine. Seems like the streaming concept is booming.

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